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Micrographia restored

Although Micrographia is Hooke's most famous work, partly because of the brilliance of the illustrations and partly because of the extent to which his observations turned out to be so far ahead of their time, it is not necessarily so notable for the ease of access to Hooke's prose. This was becoming true only forty years after Hooke's death; Micrographia had become difficult and expensive to obtain, but the illustations were no less significant. Thus Micrographia was reissued in 1745 in a condensed form. This version - "Micrographia Restored" - contains a more modern prose, though still needing some work by the modern reader. Importantly, it contains all of Hooke's original engravings, all but half-a-dozen of which were printed from the original copper plates. The commentary is shorter and simpler than the original, but preserves the important features of Hooke's original observations.


A note on the presentation

All of the pages are images, not text and image; this is to preserve the feel of the original. Note that in the mid-18th century the letter "s" in the middle of a word looks a bit like the modern f. All pages are reduced; they are intended to be printed, rather than read on the screen, so will fit on A4. The original text is large - 35.5 x 23 cm, with the illustrations of the flea and the louse even larger, the latter nearly 2 feet long.



This series of pages would have been impossible without the generous help of Eddie Smith, Under Master and Archivist of Westminster School, who entrusted me with the original of Micrographia Restaurata. I am immensely grateful for his assistance.

Micrographia Restaurata Contents.

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